Mini skimmer F560S

The UNISEP MINI SKIMMER F560S is Today´s Solution

The Unisep miniskimmer F560S is a small compact skimmer with the
Engine -Skimmer-Oil pump all mounted to a solid unit.
The skimmer is built to operate close to the beach area. (Draught 200 mm.) The F560S can easily be handled with just one operator. Or where the water is a little bit deeper-with a small boat-needs two persons.
A special designed recovery bag can be adapted directly to the outflow of the skimmer.The recovery bags is made for volumes up to 600 litres.The oil pump is technical a small eccentric pump, with a max capacity of 3000 litres of oil per hour (app108 cbf)
Weight app 90 kg LxWxH =31x20x32 inches.

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UNISEP F560S Driftinstruktioner Swe [PDF]

YANMAR LA Series Swe [PDF]

Component Identification / Safety Label Location [DOC]

Testreports of Mini Skimmer F560S_[DOC] |
Norweigan Pollution Control Authority (SFT)
Date: 1999-10-14

Swedish State Rescue Service Agency [DOC] | PDF
Date: 1999-01-29

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